FlexRecruit was formed to match up Independent contractors, small business, vendors, technicians, drivers, installers, distribution companies, health-related services and other service providers with logistics companies and technology project management coordinators.

At FlexRecruit we don’t just understand the transportation business, we live it!  We are a small business that services businesses of all sizes. We exist to serve you because logistics is the lifeblood of America.


FlexRecruit is a leading engagement tool serving local, regional and national customers that need flexible service providers to satisfy the new Gig economy. Most of our customers are thriving small businesses. We care about your business, and about making contracting simple and effective. We advertise nationwide while operating remotely.

Who needs YOU?
logistics Companies
Courier ~ Last mile ~ Home Delivery
Installation Companies
Cable installers ~ Appliance ~ Electronics ~ furniture assembly
health/elder care
Medical equipment instal ~ senior assist ~ Lift Hero

Susan N. Houseman wrote a report for the USDOL in 1999 


"Firms and workers often benefit from these arrangements. Firms often use these arrangements to increase their workforce flexibility, thereby helping them to reduce costs, remain competitive, and generate high employment growth.


At the same time, workers in these arrangements may prefer flexible schedules to accommodate school or family responsibilities. Additionally, it is argued that firms increasingly use staffing companies to screen workers for permanent positions. To the extent that this practice results in better job matches, both workers and firms stand to benefit.


Some even believe should promote the use of staffing companies to place disadvantaged workers in jobs, and several states have begun referring unemployment insurance and welfare recipients to temporary agencies."