The following links are some of the actors we have used in past projects...
If you have a particular look, type, ethnic or dialect request, we can find the right actor for the job!
This is Renee .  She does a great job, awesome speech clarity, have used her several times and she is a class act.
This is Assya , she is VERY GOOD!  We have used her on several projects.  Here is one with her new york accent! 
( scroll down a ways)
This is Laura.  She is a very good actress and delivers a friendly message.  Here she is with a different background
This is Ron, he really does a great job.  Here is a video we did for the ICLMDA
This is "John"  We used him in several "form and LLC" videos.
This is "Mike".  We use him as the "Joe Driver" testimonial guy...
Here is Rob as another Avatar on driver expenses
We can also do white board and graphics and music videos
Such as this...
And This for Parcel 1
like this 
And This
And This with music
Here is a no sound video that works good on an auto play on facebook
We can also do text to speech videos Such
This on arbitration
No matter what your message, demographic or target, Flexible WorkForce, and HelpWantedVideos .com can put the right message together for you!